SEACAMP San Diego’s mission is to provide exciting, innovative, hands-on, and interactive marine education opportunities to students across the country and around the world.


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Celebrating 25 years of Quality Marine Science Education!

Immersing Students in the World of Marine Science since 1987



We at SEACAMP San Diego believe that most students learn best through experience, which is why we provide in-depth and hands-on laboratories incorporated with a wide variety of field activities.

Our goal is to engage students with the enormous scope of marine life while encouraging participation, individual exploration, and challenge.

Program Offerings

SEACAMP San Diego offers three unique camp opportunities in San Diego:

Marine Science Summer Camp with these programs:

Summer Camp Enrollment for 2017 will open soon!

School Year Marine Science Camps:

Travel Programs to Baja with:


Each camp immerses students in the fascinating world of marine biology through interactive marine science classes and field experiences.


For more information contact:
SEACAMP San Diego Office