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Students and staff members will board the Horizon Charters live-aboard dive boat The Horizon for two-days for SEACAMP II and three-days for SEACAMP III. Students will participate in snorkeling, diving (restrictions apply), kayaking and other water activities at the Channel Islands off the coast of Long Beach in Los Angeles County.

The Horizon is one of the largest dive boats in Southern California and is comfortably equipped for many days at sea. Students will board Sunday night and will wake up in the morning at the Channel Islands.

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To complete release form, you must download and print using the below link. Please make sure the student's name is at the top of pages one and two (leave trip date blank) and complete and sign under “for children/minors (under 18 years)." Once the form is completed, scan and upload to this form. Form must be submitted May 15, 2020.

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