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Summer Camp Programs
Overnight & Day Camp Programs
Summer Camp Programs

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Participants for all Summer Camps, including day camps, are required to be vaccinated for COVID-19 including any eligible boosters, as defined by the CDC. See additional COVID-19 information here.

SEACAMP San Diego offers a variety of Summer Camp programs and is for 5th graders through young adults. While our SEACAMP Jr. is a day camp program for students entering 5th and 6th grade in the upcoming fall, our residential/overnight summer camp programs are open to students entering 7th through 12th grade in the upcoming fall. These are designed as a progressive program; first attending SEACAMP I, then SEACAMP II and SEACAMP III. All of our labs and field activities build on what was learned and accomplished in the previous session. Some of our programs run consecutively giving students the opportunity to stay for multiple sessions. We also offer a SCUBA and snorkel program for young adults to Baja, Mexico during our SEACAMP IV program. Snorkeling is offered in all of our SEACAMP programs, but we offer an optional SCUBA Program for certified divers 14 years or older during our SEACAMP II & III programs.

Marine science is a multi-disciplinary field and as a result SEACAMP instruction covers a wide variety of subjects including marine biology, marine ecology, physical oceanography, chemical oceanography, and geology. Our hands-on, outdoor education focus will provide your student with a unique Summer Camp experience! Please see individual program pages for detailed activities and sample schedule.

Summer 2023
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Day Camp Program
5th - 8th Grade
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Overnight Camp
7th - 12th Grade
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Overnight Camp
8th - 12th Grade
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Overnight Camp
9th - 12th Grade
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Overnight Camp in Baja
Students 18
Years or Older with
Valid Passport
at time of session
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Program Details

Day Camp Program
Our day camp program, SEACAMP Jr., is open to students entering 5th through 8th grade in the upcoming fall. Tuition payment will be required to secure spot in desired session. Students are required to bring a lunch and snack with them daily.

Residential Programs
Our overnight, residential Summer Camp Programs are designed as a progressive program; first attending SEACAMP I, then SEACAMP II and SEACAMP III. All of our labs and field activities build on what was learned and accomplished in the previous session. Enrollment will be first come, first served and will require a $300.00 deposit payment to secure spot in desired program and session date.

International Program
Our international program, SEACAMP IV – Baja, is open to students 18 years or older and high school graduates. Participants must have valid passport at the time of travel. Enrollment will be first come, first served and will require a $500.00 deposit payment to secure spot in program.

First time campers should look over our SEACAMP Jr. and SEACAMP I programs. As a progressive program SEACAMP II students are required to first attend SEACAMP I and our SEACAMP III students are required to first attend SEACAMP II. All of our SEACAMP II sessions have a SEACAMP I session prior for students who would like to stay for two sessions consecutively.

COVID-19 Vaccination & Immunization Policies
For COVID-19 all students are required to complete their primary series vaccinations at least two weeks prior to session start date and are required to receive any eligible boosters by session start date. Booster eligibility defined by the CDC. Failure to comply with this policy will result in cancellation of student’s enrollment and the stated cancellation policy applies. Proof of vaccination required.

Additionally, per the California Department of Health all participants will be required to provide a copy of their immunization records that include the date of their last tetanus shot. We require participants to be up-to-date on recommended vaccinations for their age according to the CDC.

There are no exceptions or exemptions to these policies. Students that are not fully vaccinated and up to date for COVID-19 vaccinations or are not able to supply a copy of their immunization records will not be able to attend camp.

COVID-19 Test Policy – Overnight Programs ONLY
Policy details to be announced.

COVID-19 Policies
Final COVID-19 policies, outside the vaccination requirement, for Summer 2023 to be announced.

As stated above COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters are required. Also stated above, all students are required to follow the COVID-19 PCR Test Policy for overnight, residential programs only. Following are additional COVID-19 Policies for overnight and day camp programs. SEACAMP San Diego reserves the right to modify or change these policies at any time.

  • All students must be in good health at the time of the session start date. Students are should follow a 10-day precaution plan. Specifically, students should be extra cautious of close interactions at school, wear a good quality face covering for necessary interactions in public (school, doctors, etc.), and only interact with individuals in their household when not wearing a face covering.
  • All instructors are fully vaccinated and up to date on all eligible booster for COVID-19 vaccinations and will be periodically tested for COVID-19
  • Students will be screened at check-in to meet the following health parameters. The answer must be NO to all of the following screening questions:
    • Has student had any of the following symptoms:
      • Cough • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing • Fever • Chills • Muscle Pain • Sore throat • New loss of taste or smell • Nausea • Vomiting • Diarrhea
    • Temperature check – No fever of 100.4°F or greater
    • No observed symptoms of illness

Each family should carefully consider if participation is appropriate for their student due to the additional risk associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Students who are immunocompromised, or live with individuals at risk of serious illness due to COVID-19 should not attend programs, or they should consult with their doctor to determine if participation would be safe and appropriate.

  • Session may be cancelled or modified based on local or regional public health concerns. Please have an alternative plan ready.
  • Many activities will occur in public park spaces that are accessible to the general public.
  • Students may be required to wear a face covering in public places. Face covering must be good quality. Sun buffs and face shields cannot be used in place of a face covering.
  • Fiesta Island Youth Aquatic Center is a multi-use facility that may include students from other geographic areas. SEACAMP students will have designated spaces and will have limited to no interaction with other programs.

Summer 2022 Tuition InformationInformation for 2023 Coming Soon!

Day Camp Programs

  • SEACAMP Jr: $430.00 per student
  • Full tuition payment is due at enrollment. Tuition for SEACAMP Jr. includes all gear, equipment, supervision and transportation for activities.

Overnight Programs
Tuition is per student, per session

  • SEACAMP I: $1025.00
  • SEACAMP II: $1825.00
  • SEACAMP III: $2150.00

$300.00 deposit will be due at enrollment to secure spot in desired session. Balance of tuition will be due with the Registration Forms.Tuition for SEACAMP I, II & III includes housing, meals, admission to all attractions, gear, equipment, 24-hour supervision and transportation while in San Diego. As an added benefit to those who are attending back-to-back sessions of SEACAMP I and SEACAMP II or SEACAMP II & III, your tuition will include all intersession activities, supervision, housing, dinner and breakfast. Transportation to San Diego is not included in tuition. Students and families are responsible arranging travel. For students who travel as regular passengers arriving and departing inside our given windows of time, SEACAMP will provide complimentary airport pick-up and drop-off.

Additional Fees, if applicable

  • Additional Fees for Air Travel:
    • Late arrival fee: $25.00*
    • Unaccompanied minor fee: $75 each way*
    • Early departure fee: $25.00*
  • Late fee for auto departure
    • Late fees start accruing at 3:01pm with $1.00 charge for every late minute.
  • Additional Fees for Train Pick-up and Drop-off
    • $75.00 each leg of travel
  • Additional SCUBA Rental Fee (optional)
    • $100.00 per student, per session

*Restrictions apply, please see Travel Information for more details.

International Programs

  • SEACAMP IV – Baja: Tuition and Dates TBD. We are unsure, if we will be able to continue to offer the SEACAMP IV Baja Trip. We hope to have a decision regarding the trip by the new year.

If offered, a $500.00 deposit will be due at enrollment and balance will be due with the Registration Forms. Tuition for SEACAMP IV – Baja includes housing, meals, all activities and all transportation in Mexico. Does not include flight to Mexico.

SEACAMP San Diego is located on Mission Bay, approximately 7 miles from San Diego International Airport. Our marine science facility provides us with lab & workshop facilities that are tailored for the specific needs of our program and include a classroom with a running seawater system, a full aquarium room with touch tanks, a shark tank with live specimens, microscopes, and the added security of private beaches.

Residential students will be housed in a traditional open style dorm, offering a fun, professional and secure environment.  Males and females are housed in separate rooms with a female SEACAMP staff member in the girls’ room and a male SEACAMP staff member in the boys’ room.  Dorms are separated by a courtyard area, which encloses a safe space to play games and hang out, and provides a sunlit outdoor area for the tables for meals or alternate lab space. There is also a private beach area for students to use during supervised free time. SEACAMP Marine Science Instructors are with the students 24 hours a day.

SEACAMP San Diego Marine Science Instructors possess at least a college degree and are certified Red Cross Lifeguards with First Aid and CPR for the Professional Rescuer – including oxygen administration training and first aid for marine hazards. Additionally, all instructors have been finger printed with the Department of Justice & FBI and all have Class-C commercial driver’s licenses. SEACAMP San Diego does not retain a nurse on staff, although we do have a paramedic consultant on call. We are within close proximity of emergency care and are in a 9-1-1 service area.

SEACAMP San Diego tuition includes 24-hour supervision of students. The amount of supervisory instructors varies depending on the schedule. During snorkeling, there is one lifeguarded instructor with every seven students and instructor will have a rescue tube with them. All water activities require students to wear full-length, 7mm wet suits (which makes them buoyant). The only exception is during kayaking and stand up paddle boarding when students will be wearing Coast Guard-approved PFDs (Personal Flotation Device – a ‘life jacket’). In the controlled environment of camp, evening activities will have 3 to 5 staff depending on the activity.

During overnight, residential programs the students are housed in traditional open style dorms with bunk beds. All students identifying as male will be housed in one dorm all students identifying as female will be housed in another dorm. The male dorm will be include a male Instructor overnight and the female dorm will include a female Instructor overnight.

Instructors with the group have access to a cell phone at all times.

All SEACAMP San Diego’s programs are centrally located in the community within easy reach of full medical facilities, including emergency care. All facilities are easily accessible by car and ambulance in case of emergency and professional medical care is on call 24 hours a day. Additionally, SEACAMP San Diego Instructors possess at least a college degree and are certified Red Cross Lifeguards with First Aid, CPR for the Professional Rescuer and Oxygen Administration training. SEACAMP San Diego does not retain a nurse on staff, therefore we are not able to hold or administer prescription medications – with the exception of emergency medication (i.e. Epi Pen) which we are able to administer in an emergency situation.

Registration Forms are required for each participant. On these forms you will be able to provide us with any medical conditions, medications or allergies that your student has. Additionally, you’ll be required to submit your student’s immunization record and date of last tetanus shot.

For SEACAMP I, II & III transportation to and from San Diego must be arranged by student and family and it is not included in tuition. SEACAMP San Diego is located about 15 minutes from the San Diego Airport. Complimentary airport pick-up and drop-off is provided for students as long as they are traveling as regular passengers and arrive and depart inside our designated time frames.

Throughout sessions students are transported to and from activities and the airport in 15 passenger vans.

More specific travel information can be found in each program.

While your student is here with us at SEACAMP San Diego, we are excited to give him or her an “unplugged” experience. Time away from the computer, TV, and cell phone means more time for learning, interacting, and being out in the field and on the water. This unique unplugged experience allows your student to truly engage with other students and all of the activities he or she will be participating in.

SEACAMP staff has access to SEACAMP cell phones at all times for inter-staff and emergency use.

Unfortunately, due to the closures from the pandemic, we do not have funds available for the Scholarship Program for Summer 2022.

Here is information regarding the Program for your reference for future years:

SEACAMP San Diego Summer Camp Scholarship Program is available for SEACAMP Jr., SEACAMP I and SEACAMP II Summer Camp Program only.

Scholarship application is required to be completed by the student to be considered. Student must complete and submit application. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need. However, priority is placed to those that submit their application in a timely manner. SEACAMP San Diego has limited scholarship funds and monies awarded will likely only cover part of SEACAMP tuition. Scholarship monies will be for SEACAMP tuition only, transportation to and from SEACAMP will be the students responsibility. Monies available for scholarships are based on enrollment and will not be known until May 1st. We will let you know promptly, if you have been approved for a scholarship. However, the session date and how much monies received may not be shared until May 1.