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Help our efforts to return to full operations for 2022!

Donate to SEACAMP San Diego’s efforts to return to full operations for 2022. The impacts of the pandemic for the last two years have been extremely difficult on everyone and on small businesses like ours.

In March 2020, along with the rest of the country, all of our operations ceased. At that time we expected that we would be back to hosting students again in a month or so and definitely by the start of our residential Summer Camp programs. Nevertheless, as we all know that is not how the story went. In Summer 2020, we were able to offer a very small and very short day camp program. And again in Summer 2021, we were able to offer a small day camp program. However, all said we will have been closed for about 18 months over the last two years and it is the first time in camp history we find ourselves in-debt.

The widespread availability of the COVID-19 vaccine and our better understanding of the virus, allows us to be confidently optimistic for the future. We are currently working toward full operations of our Programs for 2022 and any help you could provide to get us on our feet would be greatly appreciated. Please note, SEACAMP San Diego is not a 501 c3 nonprofit.

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