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You have questions. We have answers.
You have questions. We have answers.

What is SEACAMP San Diego?

SEACAMP San Diego is a marine science, outdoor education camp for students of all ages. We specialize in overnight, residential programs for students 5th grade or older.

Where is SEACAMP San Diego located?

SEACAMP San Diego is located on the waterfront of Mission Bay about 10 miles north of downtown San Diego. Our location offers easy access to all of the field activities we provide.

What are SEACAMP San Diego's staff qualifications?

All SEACAMP San Diego Marine Science Instructors have to go through a rigorous 3 week training process. Additionally, instructors possess at least a college degree and are certified Red Cross Lifeguards with First Aid and CPR for the Professional Rescuer – including first aid for marine hazards. Additionally, all staff members have been finger printed with the Department of Justice & FBI and all have Class-B commercial driver’s licenses.

What kind of medical care is provided?

All SEACAMP San Diego’s programs are centrally located in the community within easy reach of full medical facilities, including emergency care. All facilities are easily accessible by car and ambulance in case of emergency and professional medical care is on call 24 hours a day. SEACAMP San Diego does not retain a nurse on staff, although we do have a paramedic consultant on call. All students/families are required to complete Registration Forms for their students which will give us information about any medical conditions, allergies, prescription and over the counter medications, etc. Student information is confidential and stays with SEACAMP staff at all times. In regards to prescription medications, SEACAMP staff is not authorized to hold or administer prescription medication to students. Students that require prescription medications will be responsible to hold and administer. SEACAMP Staff cannot address or help remedy situations they are not made aware of. Students will need to communicate any health problems or concerns. If your child becomes ill or injured while attending SEACAMP San Diego, we will, of course, make sure that parents are kept informed about their child’s situation and progress. Whenever possible, parents/guardians will be included in decisions regarding their child’s care.

Where do the students stay?

SEACAMP San Diego is located on Mission Bay, approximately 10 miles north of downtown. Our overnight, residential students will be housed in a traditional open-style dorm, offering a fun, professional and secure environment. Males and females are housed in separate rooms with a female SEACAMP staff member in the girls’ room and a male SEACAMP staff member in the boys’ room. Dorms are separated by a courtyard area, which encloses a safe space to play games and hang out, and provides a sunlit outdoor area for the tables for meals or alternate lab space. There is also a private beach area for students to use during supervised free time. SEACAMP Marine Science Instructors are with the students 24 hours a day.

What is the food/meals like at camp?

All of our overnight, residential programs include meals in tuition. Meals will be provided by a local catering company and will include a combination of hot meals and box lunches. Meals are delicious and varied, well balanced and include fresh fruits and vegetables. A hot breakfast will be served at camp that may include pancakes, breakfast meat, eggs, etc., and there will always be fresh fruit and cereal. Lunches are generally “bag” style and eaten in the field. They usually consist of a variety of sandwich options, fresh fruit, a snack (pretzels, chips, etc.) and a desert (usually a cookie). Dinners will be eaten at the end of the day prior to the evening activity, with the exception of Zoo night during SEACAMP II and III, where we will have at hot lunch at camp and take a bagged lunch for dinner. Dinners are served cafeteria style, this way students have the option to choose which items they would like.

What is the difference between School Year Program and Summer Camp Program?

Summer Camp Programs are open to individual students entering 5th through 12th grade in the upcoming fall. We have a day camp option for 5th and 6th grade students and overnight programs for students entering 7th through 12th grade. Enrollment for Summer Camp is first come, first served. Our School Year Programs are open to groups only, and we offer overnight, day camp and outreach program options. Our overnight School Year Programs are for students 5th through 12th grade and they require a minimum of 20 participants and a maximum of 56 total participants (students and adults). Our SeaLab Day Camp programs are for students in 1st grade through college, and they also require a minimum of 20 participants. However, the maximum is dependent upon the activity. Our outreach programs for pre-school through high school students are done at local schools or facilities. The maximum number of participants for our outreach program is 35.

Do you offer Day Camp options?

Yes, we are offer SEACAMP Jr., a day camp option during our Summer Camp for individual 5th and 6th grade students. Additionally, we offer a SeaLab Day Camp program during our School Year for students in 1st grade through college. SeaLab programs require a minimum of 20 participants and the maximum number of participants is dependent upon the activity.