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Food Allergy Form - School Year

Food Allergy Form - School Year

Food Allergy Information Statement

SEACAMP San Diego uses a catering service to bring meals on-site from their kitchens. Breakfasts and dinners are usually cafeteria-style meals and lunches are “brown-bag”-style usually eaten in the field. SEACAMP is willing to work with allergies/special diets, but there are limitations to our catering service and food preparation at camp. Please be aware that our caterer uses peanuts/tree nuts, gluten, soy, dairy and fish/shellfish products in its kitchens. As tolerance levels vary widely, we take student allergies on a case-by-case basis. We are able to request no tree nut or peanut products for the entire group for the length of the session, for students that cannot tolerate nuts in their vicinity. Unfortunately, a gluten-free diet/environment for an entire group is currently not a possibility. Emergency remedies in case of accidental ingestion (Benadryl or an Epi-pen) will be stored in a specific pocket in the child's daypack and that pocket marked with a bright ribbon so that staff can easily access it. Students will be responsible for their own food choices. SEACAMP will not be monitoring intake at mealtimes. We need parents to talk their student about all the arrangements made for meals during their student's stay, and to encourage student to come to our staff with questions or concerns about food choices. Many students with food allergies attend SEACAMP every year and we have yet to have an incident involving accidental ingestion. However, students extremely limited in options should bring "safe" foods they like, to make up for not being able to have the same food choices as the other students. Additionally, we do our best to accommodate students with food allergies. However, some students with more severe limitations may require a level of risk management beyond what we can provide. We are happy to waive our cancellation policy and refund any family their tuition in full if it has been determined this is the case.

Please complete information below regarding your student’s specific allergy. Be specific! It is helpful for SEACAMP staff to know if there are exceptions/specific situations that change the food plan (i.e. milk or milk products in baked goods are OK, milk drunk straight not OK, etc.).

Specific food allergy(s)

Dairy Free & Gluten Free Meals Information

Dairy free, gluten free meals are a difficult combination for our caterer to provide, as it is very restrictive in our camp environment. Please provide detailed information on what the student can and cannot eat under the "Additional food allergy(s) information" section.

We strongly recommend student bring some favorite allergen friendly snacks, desserts, and other supplemental items to ensure student has additional options, if needed.

Any supplemental food should be individually wrapped and in a bag labeled with your student's name. Items will be collected on the first day of camp and stored in our small on-site kitchen.

Is student prescribed an Epi-Pen for food allergy(s)?
Is student prescribed an Inhaler for food allergy(s)?
I undertstand that student is required to bring prescribed Epi-Pen and/or prescribed Inhaler with them to camp session.
Will student bring Benadryl for food allergy(s)?
double check that year is correct

Student Not Able to Eat in Restaurants

If the severity of the student's allergy does not allow them to eat in restaurants, even when student is selecting meals/foods that do not include their specific allergen/intolerance, the student/family will need to provide all of their own meals. SEACAMP caterer will not be able to feed those students. If this is an issue or if you have any questions, please call 1-800-SEACAMP.

Considering the severity of the participant’s dairy allergy, would they be able to choose their desired sandwich from the options provided and remove the cheese?

Participant Not Able Touch Animals

SEACAMP will provide nitrile gloves for labs. Gloves for in-water activities must be provided by student/family, if needed. If these precautions are not sufficient, please contact the office at 1-800-SEACAMP.

Participant Supplemental Food

Any supplemental food should be individually wrapped and in a bag labeled with the participant's name. Items will be collected on the first day of camp and stored in our small on-site kitchen.

Participant is a student or adult?