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Student Supplemental Form

Student Supplemental Form

This form is designed to address a variety of medical conditions/disorders. Please read carefully and complete truthfully. SEACAMP Summer Camp Programs provide 24-hour supervision. However, SEACAMP is not equipped to provide one-on-one individualized care. Students will need to be able to participate fully with the group in all activities. If it is determined that your student will need more care than our staff can provide, we would consider this a medical exception to our refund policies and all camp tuition would be returned minus a $50.00 processing fee.

Prescription medication(s) should also be designated on Student Health Form in the Registration Forms.

Information: Students will hold and administer all prescription medications. Instructors will provide daily medication reminders in the morning at breakfast and in the evening at dinner.

Storage: Medications should be packed in a zip-top bag labeled with your student's name. Medications will be collected each night before bedtime and stored in a locked case overnight with the exception of emergency medications which are required to stay with the student at all times. Medications will be returned to the student in the morning.

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